Giving Up on Living your Dreams

As we get older, past 50 especially, we have choices to make in life.  We can see our life and all our dreams and opportunities as over, or we can see this time as the beginning of a new and exciting  phase in our life.  The thing that makes the difference is your attitude!

Do you know how many people in the United States are over 50?  The answer is 100,000,000!.  Does that surprise you?  By 2020 over 50% of the population will fall in to the over 50 category.

It is important to remember that getting older is not something we should dread or deny.  It is something we should accept, experience, honor and celebrate

So it is never to late to live your dreams, but how do we make that happen.  First you have to have a desire for it to happen.  Ask yourself  what do I desire to happen in my life.  Understand that your dreams are the wishes of our soul and evidence of the journey we want to travel.

Your dreams can open doorways to new ways of living and being and generate genuine joy, lasting satisfaction and enduring love.  Our dreams give our life meaning and purpose.

Now let me tell you that I started on living my dreams when I was forty years old and returned to school.  I never guessed that I would not only let me get my BA, but over the next fifteen years a MS and Ph.D.  These degrees allowed me to live my dream as a counselor and let me experience some really fulfilling jobs.  I am not saying it was easy, since I was working, going to school and raising my daughters but determination and the belief that I could” allowed me to do this.

I want you now to believe that it is never to late to live your dreams.  The first step is to acknowledge you have one and then take the first step towards them.  You will never regret the journey.  You can do it……  Just get started now, today…..








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