If you have been struggling to accomplish something but haven’t achieved it so far, what do you do. The answer is persevere: don’t quit, keeping moving forward. Not everyone has the art of perseverance but it certainly is one you would want to cultivate. In today’s society, we expect to get and accomplish everything fast.We watch t.v. and major problems are solved quickly. People are looking for instant gratification and if they don’t get it they move on to the next thing. Learning to be persistent may take time, but once you have it you’ll like be like the tortoise in “The Tortoise and the Hare” lumbering to the finish line.

When I look at the kids training today…I can tell which ones are going to do well. It’s not necessarily the ones who have the most natural talent or who fall the least. Some-times it’s the kids who fall the most and keep pulling themselves up and trying again.
-Michelle Kwan, figure skater

It’s 5% talent, 15% skill, and 80% hanging in there.
-Lucy Lawless, actor

If you want to touch the other shore badly enough, barring an impossible situation, you will.
-Diana Nyad, swimmer

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