Time Heals

Time not only heals, time reveals. Things happen for a reason and an example of that is this story I am going to tell you from a Buddhist tale.

There once was a family who lived in the village of make believe. One day the only son slipped on an orange while tilling soil and broke his arm. His Mother and Father were distraught. How could this happen? How unlucky?

The next day…The Father slipped on an orange-and broke both his legs. Geez, this Family felt hexed! They wondered: Why all this punishment?

Then within the week…A Big Bad War broke out in the Village of Make Believe and all the able-bodied men were called on to fight.

Only the Son and Father were deemed unsuitable soldiers due to their injuries and were left back home.

It was a doozy of a war. I won’t go into the war’s violent detail, but nobody came home. Nada a soldier.

Suddenly A Family didn’t feel so put upon.

After getting a good eyeful of the Big Picture of Life, they even felt pretty lucky.

The lesson here is that you need to recognize that what looks bad close up might look pretty darn good from a distance.

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