Why Women Fear Aging

It is no wonder that women fear to get older in our society, we idolize the young women.  Every radio, magazine, t.v show plays to the theory that youth is everything, and an older women has little value. Most older women feel society does not value them. Other cultures value their elderly as someone who has value and wisdom and treat them as such. The aging of women is very different than the aging of men.

Women fear the loss of their attractiveness and becoming invisible. Where youthful beauty is always front and center,  women may find this makes them not only at a disadvantage when competing for a job or even sometimes a companion. They become invisible when the concentration is exclusively on the young.


Women fear being left alone. A man has a choice and often will pick women younger than himself. A woman fears if she misses her chance in youth and or should become divorced or widowed she will end up alone.  Women do not feel they have the choices that men do in finding companionship.


As women age, they fear they will experience financial difficulties in their later years. For many, men have taken care of all the finances. They also have had the better jobs pay wise, and, therefore, their social security is higher than the women’s.. If they apply for a job, often the younger candidate will get the job. Yes, age discrimination does exist. If they have not been schooled in managing their money while they were young, and their companion dies, there is a chance that financial troubles lie ahead for them.

Women fear cancer, especially breast cancer. Though breast cancer can strike the young, the majority of cases hit older women. Women fear they will be less attractive or worst yet die from this disease. Women go through painful reconstruction so that they can feel they are attractive in their mind.


Women fear becoming dependent on others.  Most women prefer to take care of themselves as they age.  However, there is a fear that they will have to depend on their family or friends. That is never a good feeling for anyone, and they may feel like a burden.  Many women who can afford it, are going to continuous care facilities to prevent this from happening.


I ask you do you let society dictate you’re worth according to your age?  If so, you need to rethink this and realize that age is only a number.  Good planning and good self-worth can change much of this.

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