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Not All Coaches Are Created Equal.

How can I help people by coaching them?

It’s simple. I know your story. I’ve been working with women for more than 20 years — in academics, career counseling, mental health and coaching.

I wrote my doctoral thesis on the struggles of women re-entering the workplace. So I know a lot about providing career guidance.

Over the years, I’ve noticed some important trends. Women are caretakers. They look after others’ interests before their own.

Time for that to change. As the airlines say, you need to secure your own oxygen supply before you can help anyone else.

Through your guidance I have discovered, enhanced, and embraced talents I had forgotten and strengths I have underutilized. Further I have clarified objectives concerning career and life style choices and am pleased to report that this 58 year old woman is LOVING LIFE in all respects.

~Martha T.

So it is with life. Make sure that your needs are met — that your life or career are all they could be — and you will have so much more to give others.

I’ve helped thousands of women “change course” — change careers, master their problems, and find fulfillment because they were following their own path.

  • Women who felt “forgotten” and lost after raising a family.
  • Women who’d been out of the job market for years.
  • Women who wanted to establish a new identity.

As a Navy wife, I moved a lot. So I know what a struggle it is to move a family to a new place — and how to make the transition go more smoothly. And how to successfully balance work, parenting and a career.

I love to see women like you reach your potential!

What Are All Those Letters After My Name?

I have a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, with emphasis in Career Counseling, plus a master’s in mental health counseling.

I’m also a nationally certified counselor and a board certified coach. My coaching credentials are from the prestigious Life Purpose Institute, a pioneer in the life coaching field, which now trains coaches worldwide.


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