How it Works

1. You contact me through my web site. Use the “Ask the Expert” form on the right or go to my contact page for more information.

2. I will contact you within 48 hours so we can schedule a complimentary session. During this session I will get to learn what you are looking for and be able explain how my coaching can help you. We’ll also discuss the cost and I’ll be able to thoroughly answer any questions you may have.

3. When you agree to become a client, you will receive exercises through your email, which you will return to me 24 hours before we talk. Each coaching session is done over the phone for about 45 minutes each week.

The process I use has been time tested and with my background and experience I know
that I can help a willing client. Prices are reasonable and coaching is done in the
comfort of your home or office through the phone. Now is the time to pick up the
phone and get your complimentary session.

Please note: that if you are doing career coaching, a 3 month commitment may be necessary for you to reach your full potential.


Here are some of my specialties:



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