The Power of Coaching

Why Does Career And Life Coaching Work So Well?

This short-term proven technique focuses on the specific areas where you need to work.

So I’ll help you clarify your career goals and incorporate your many interests into the business that’s right for you—or help you determine lifestyle changes that will give you the life you want.

I’ll look at all aspects of your life and dreams and help you unearth your deepest desires.

By asking the right questions, I’ll develop a better understanding of your wants and needs. We’ll become a team, using:

Life Coaching is a profession dedicated to people moving forward in all areas of life. It is committed to helping people make significant changes in their relationships, health, career, lifestyle, and life balance.

Sylvia’s weekly goal-setting was the catalyst I needed to explore opportunities and make decisions.

~Martha T.

  • In-depth discussion questions
  • Exercises that identify skills
  • Tools that define the real you

Who benefits most from coaching?

  • Empty nesters
  • Career changers
  • Women in transition
  • College students unable to decide on a career
  • Women trying to carve out a new path in life

Coaching couldn’t be more convenient. Sessions take place over the phone. We’ll email information back and forth before each session. You can talk to me at the most convenient time for you, from the comfort of your home or office.

Because you’re reading every word of this website, I know you’re fully committed toward changing your life. Improving your career or making the specific changes in areas that will make you feel fulfilled — and put you on the right track.


Here are some of my specialties:



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