Time Heals

Time not only heals, time reveals. Things happen for a reason and an example of that is this story I am going to tell you from a Buddhist tale. There once was a family who lived in the village of make believe. One day the only son slipped on an orange while tilling soil and […]

Life Lessons

I was back home recently taking care of my 99 year old Mother when I was reminded of a few life lessons. One life lesson that has always been drilled in to us was that family is everything. When everyone else is gone, family is still there to support and love you no matter what. […]


How many of you set goals on New Years Eve? How many of you reach your goals? Every year the gym fills up the beginning of January. Obviously, if you go to a gym on a regular basis you will notice that by the end of February the gym has thinned out again. Why is […]


So often women especially end up in jobs they either have to do due to financial circumstances or because someone has influenced them concerning their career choice. How many do you know say that what they do is “just a job”, not a career or a passion of theirs. You may think what does it […]


Have you ever noticed how good it feels to laugh at a funny joke or at your own silly antics? The power of laughter lives in the ability to improve how you feel. It is the the best medicine for whatever ails you. When you laugh your body usually has a physiological reaction. Your brain […]

If you lay an egg, make an omelet

Have you ever heard that phrase? To me it means that we all slip up sometimes and have said things we did not intend to say and really didn’t mean it. We become embarrassed when that happens and and we try to turn back our words and apologize and hope the person will accept it. […]


We are taught from when we are young that all friends are valuable. The girl scouts have a song which says,make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. How true, keeping the friends we have made over the years is so important. Most of us have best friends-and […]

Are You in a Bad Mood?

If you find yourself in a bad mood, walk yourself out of it. Duke University did a study and found that going for a brisk walk three times a week is as effective as taking antidepressants to improve your mood. They also found out that those who exercised had more long-lasting benefits than those who […]


The way you get through the hard times is to persevere. We all have wanted to quit on things but nothing in life just happens. You have to meet the obstacles and overcome them. Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles […]