Workshop Facilitation

I have years of experience as a workshop facilitator and have several different workshops I can present. The following are the names and a short synopsis of each workshop:

Finding the Career of your Dreams

  • Participants gain a clear understanding of their skills, interests, and underlying career dreams. They will then look at their underlying career desires, as well as skills, interests and aptitudes through a series of questions, exercises and interactions with other participants.

Techniques for Success in Today’s Market

  • Participants will gain insight on how to search for a job, update their current resume, participate in a successful job interview, find the necessary training and/or education needed for a specific job, and learn how to maximize their effectiveness and value in the workforce.

Getting Through Transitions in Life

  • During this session, the participants will discuss various life transitions, such as deployment, moving, losing or starting a new job, and becoming a mother as well as the coping tools and strategies for managing these transitions with maximum effectiveness. Participants will understand the value of having the tools, and which tools to use, in order to make the best transition in any transitional area.

Finding Balance in Life

  • Participants will gain knowledge on the value, necessity, and ways to move towards better balance in their life. Participants will learn through self-examination and discussion how to make the necessary changes in their life to bring healthy balance.

Goal Setting that Works

  • Participants will learn why people get stuck with achieving their goals, the steps they need to take to achieve their goals and the power of knowing their values when setting their goals.

Getting the Most Out of Life/Fulfilling Your Dreams

  • Participants will be guided through an exercise where they will be able to recognize the steps necessary to not only get the most of their life, but also live their dreams. They will learn how to set up a plan to live a more fulfilling life and the steps to fulfilling your dreams.

How to Find Happiness

  • Participants will learn what joyful living is, how to achieve it, how to be energized, face a difficult time, find paradise on earth, and live their dreams.