Career Coaching

Why is Career Services Coaching Important?

Women often make impulsive decisions about a career because:

  • They have to have a job, any job.
  • They don’t know what else to do and the job is familiar.

    I never realized I could feel so empowered by the decisions I make.

    Working with Sylvia helped me to develop goals in all areas of my life.

    ~Martha T.

    As a military member, I found Sylvia’s techniques to be refreshing and challenging. Her homework projects really made me think outside the box. As a person who had no self -esteem or confidence in the jobs I could do, I eventually found my way clearly to the general area of expertise of what it is I am destined to do in my future dream job.

    ~Deidra D.

  • They have been told by their parents and loved ones which career they should choose.

Unfortunately, when there is no self-discovery process or career services coaching has taken place they will often end up in a career that they find no fulfillment in or even hate. Many will spend years in a job that brings nothing positive to their life and distracts from their happiness. Their dreams are unfulfilled and they don’t see a way out. But career services coaching is the way out!

How Does Career Services Coaching Work?

Career Services coaching works through a series of exercises and questions developed by the prestigious Life Purpose Institute, I will ask the appropriate questions about your background and interpret the exercises you do. This will give me the information needed to assess you and help you discover where you will be the happiest and how you should proceed to achieve your goals.

Why Should I Work with you?

I can help you because I not only have the education, training and experience in this area, but have walked in your shoes. I was a nontraditional student who entered the job market later in life. I know how important it was for me to have some guidance in the direction I should chose. As a counselor in a college, I work with women helping them choose the path to follow and know the joy fulfilling their dreams brings them. Work with me through career services coaching and I will help you find the job of your dreams.


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