Living with a Purpose Past 50

How to Assure Smooth Transitions…

For women of a certain age—those of us in our 50s and 60s—life changes seem to come quick and fast. This is the time when many of us are faced with:

Because Age Brings Maturity. And Maturity Brings Wisdom.

  • Divorce or widowhood
  • Health issues
  • Parent care taking
  • Adult children moving back home or needing financial aid
  • Loss of friends through attrition or moving
  • Babysitting the grandchildren
  • Loss of income or long-term job we loved
  • Redefining ourselves

You can re-engage if you’ve been out of work? Or you’ve lost a life partner?

Let’s face it, being 60 is different than being 20. There’s less room for error. When you make life changes now—career, mate, home—you want to hit it right the first time, because you may not get another chance. You don’t want to spend the time or money going in the wrong direction.

That’s where Career and Life Coaching comes in. It’s a short-term investment—just three months—that will show you how to choose the right choices for you for the next phase of your happy life.

The thing about a coach is that they’re impartial. Not only are they on your side, they can often see your weaknesses and strengths better than you can. They always want to help you put your best foot forward, so you can lead with your strength.

No matter where you are or what you need to change in your life right now, an After-Fifty Coach can make sure your’re headed in the right direction

Learning and Fulfilling Your True Purpose.

During each decade or stage of adult life, our purpose may change. In one, we’re a student. In another, a parent, raising a family. In another stage (or even simultaneously), a career woman, with possibly other responsibilities, such as caring for a parent. As those identifiers—wife, parent, career woman, caretaker—change, we have new responsibilities and, in a sense, new identities, because we often identify ourselves by our activities, responsibilities and relationships.

When we reach our fifties and beyond, we may be able to put ourselves first for the first time in a long while. The kids may be in college or on their own. You may be divorced or widowed. You may be thinking of (or forced into) changing careers, or even entering the workplace for the first time. It’s critical to have a solid sense of your life’s purpose. At such a time, many women benefit from the soul-searching and proven exercises that life coaching provides.

Why Take “The Road Less Traveled.”

Renowned psychiatrist M. Scott Peck put himself on the map when he wrote The Road Less Traveled, a book about personal growth and change, and how making changes required some “inner work ” in order to have a fulfilled life. The point is that no one else can completely map your life for you; you’re in the driver’s seat. What life coaching can do, however, is provide that vital step of helping you make the right choices.

“But I’m Too Old to Change!”

That’s what Ebenezer Scrooge insisted when confronted by the three spirits of Christmas.

Just like Scrooge, people tend to think they’ve passed a “no return” point when they reach a certain age. So it helps to remember how joyous Scrooge became when he realized he’d been given another chance and could live his life differently.

Charles Dickens’ point is still valid: when we’re offered another way, when the pain of sitting still becomes greater than the pain of moving on, wonderful changes can occur.

Let’s Go on This Journey Together.

One of the things I’ve discovered over the many years that I’ve worked in career counseling, mental health, higher education, and coaching is that we do better when we have a caring friend, a counselor, someone to hold our hand. Starting over or starting anew can be a scary thing, especially if we don’t know we’re headed in the right direction.

Utilizing proven techniques in life coaching, especially those aimed at the 50-plus woman, can shorten the time needed for such a change—and help ensure that it’s a smooth transition to a happy life.

Your new life is just a phone call away.

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