I have been working out of my home for a few years and found that it was very isolating.  For quite some time I found myself in a rut, I lost my joy in life.  I knew I needed to do something soon, so a friend of mine gave me Sylvia’s name and number.  I approached Sylvia with the goal of her helping me with the career search, but it turned out to be a lot more than that.  We worked on other areas of my life that impacted that joy and happiness.  She helped me develop a plan and timeline and made me accountable for it every week.  In other words, she helped motivate me to move forward.  It is truly what I needed.  I realize more and more that my joy is coming back.  Sylvia helped me set those goals so I have a lot to look forward to in my life.  I am so happy I found Sylvia, I realize more and more each day how much she really impacted my life.  Thank you..

Alicia B-Virginia Beach



  As a military member I found Sylvia’s techniques to be refreshing and challenging. Her homework projects really made me think outside the box. As a person who had no self -esteem or confidence in the jobs I could do, I eventually found my way clearly to the general area of expertise of what it is I am destined to do in my future dream job. She even worked with me during last minute missions that took me away for months at a time. Thank you Sylvia for your support.

Deidra D. – Norfolk, VA


This process has been very beneficial to my future and the future of my family. While going through an unexpected life change, I had to decide what I would be “when I grew up at 45”. This was a very overwhelming task after being a stay-at-home mom for 17 years. My prior degree was woefully out of date and I felt I needed a new direction. I had a few vague ideas, but could not make any decision. Finding Sylvia’s site was a Godsend. Through her guidance, I was able to cull out all of the mediocre options, and was then able to focus on the things that suited me and my needs for the future. I am back in school after 20+ years and hope to earn my next degree within 1½ years. It is so much easier to focus and work towards something you know is right for you. Thank you Sylvia!

Daphne W. – Chesapeake, VA


I attended one of Sylvia’s workshops and gained insight by looking first at what I enjoy, which has helped me think about actual careers. The give and take in the workshop and learning about Sylvia own journey helped me and we covered everything I wanted to. Sylvia is a warm empathetic woman who looks inside you and helps you discover your gifts and who you are.

Mary B. – Sandbridge, VA


I want you to know how much I appreciate your stand for people to create and live the life of their dreams. Through your guidance I have discovered, enhanced, and embraced talents I had forgotten and strengths I have underutilized. Further I have clarified objectives concerning career and life style choices and am pleased to report that this 58 year old woman is LOVING LIFE in all respects. Thank you for the significant role you played in this regard. You are a positive force in this world and I am grateful for our relationship.

Martha T. – Virginia Beach, VA


As a woman of a “certain age” I was looking forward to “that next phase of my life” . I figured I could do it all by myself or it wasn’t going to happen. But life’s circumstances get you off track and it’s easy to procrastinate. I compare Sylvia’s assistance to that of a physical trainer. You know you can do it on your own but you don’t take those steps consistently. You need someone to hold you accountable. Sylvia best advice to me was “take it one step at a time”. With that I was not so overwhelmed and everything seems so achievable!

Cynthia S. – Virginia Beach, VA


Working with Sylvia was such a great experience. She really helped me to examine myself and develop goals in all areas of my life. I was especially happy to discover a couple of new career paths for my life. I had been overwhelmed by all of the career possibilities, but the process she used really helped me to narrow the field. I really wish I would had had her help in choosing a career after high school.

Maria G. – Danville, PA


Talking with Sylvia was a great help in deciding on a major. She was very easy to talk to and very helpful. If it was not for her I would probably not have been able to decide on a major that I was as comfortable with. She helped me to be confident in myself. Sylvia also gave me helpful advice for interacting with people in everyday situations.

Stephen O. – Erie, PA


Sylvia helped me through a “career crisis” in the field of teaching. I almost quit the profession altogether due to one bad situation. Her encouragement saved me from sacrificing a lifelong goal and many years of teaching experience. Her step-by-step system helped me explore what other options were available to me and what each would require. Her weekly goal setting was the catalyst I needed to explore my opportunities and make decisions. Through her encouragement and guidance I feel confident in my career path. I have chosen to remain in teaching but now am aware of all the exciting opportunities available to me within the field.

Julie H. – Chesapeake, VA


Sylvia and her service has been a godsend. Prior to taking her program I was flailing around, not really knowing how to find the good jobs. She gave me the information; and taught me the skills to conduct an effective job search.

Gene R. – Virginia Beach, VA


I really enjoyed and benefited from my sessions with Sylvia. I feel more at peace and confident with myself and my life now that I feel and know I have a positive purpose in life to share. She helped me with all of my goals and helped me to plan and look at the future with endless possibilities. I can be happy with a career of my choosing that compliments my natural personality and skills. I feel a lot better about myself after doing lots of introspection and reflection while doing the exercises that were part of the process. The process and Sylvia’s kind positive manner helped guide me in the direction I wanted to go. It was just what I needed, gentle encouragement and I am grateful. I hope to work with Sylvia in the future during my next transition through life. She is a blessing!

Sheila – Virginia Beach, VA

I knew something needed to give when I called Sylvia at Woman2Woman Coaching. I was stuck in a rut with my career, I couldn’t seem to make any decisions or to take charge of my life. Sylvia took inventory with me and helped me sort out forgotten skills, long lost interests and a new found confidence to move forward in both my personal life and career without the fear that was always present before. Having Sylvia help me walk through each step of the way was Invaluable.

Becky S.-Seattle, WA

As a female healthcare professional, I did extensive research to select life/career coach. I selected Dr. Sylvia Christian, Ph.D., N.C.C., N.C.C. because she has been working with women for more than 20 years, in academics, career counseling and mental health issues. I was drawn to her expertise with professional women in the workforce and in my particular case a large blended family and the caretaker of an adult child with mental health disability. During our first interview Sylvia listened patiently to my frustration at finding at 50 years old feeling over0whelmed, with too many commitments and not enough time to get everything done. I felt I was juggling so many balls in the air I could not stop to catch my breath for fear of letting one of those balls drop. Sylvia possesses the unique ability to be compassionate; she reaffirmed my accomplishments all while helping me gain perspective on goals I wanted to accomplish personally and professionally. We worked through several sessions exploring ideas of new ways to deal with situations and giving me a new perspective on how to accomplish my goals. Sylvia’s personalized method of life and career coaching gave me the tools I need to reach my full potential.

Erin F Virginia Beach VA

Choosing to work with Sylvia was a great decision. I was questioning my career choice and where I was going in my life. Through the 12 week process I realized that I am doing what I am designed to do. Clearing the fog, seeing the path and then setting a plan to work towards my goals was achieved. Thank you Sylvia
Barbara R., Virginia Beach, VA

I highly recommend Sylvia and Woman2Woman Coaching. She really helped me to probe what makes me happy; different options as to what direction I could pursue. She came up with ideas to help me think further. Sylvia was positive, optimistic and a joy to work with. I feel so much more confident in pursuing my goals
Jeanette M, Chicago Illinois

After pursuing my chosen profession with singular determination and reaching my goals in record time and with record personal success, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure what to do. I was so sure that this career, pursued in just this way would result in happiness and satisfaction. The end results of my multi-year journey were confusing sadness, frustrated dissatisfaction and thorough disillusionment. Shaken and now aimless, I reached out to Sylvia in hopes of finding direction. Her impartial and caring guidance helped me realize I was a simple side-step away from a career that fit my personality more fully. Most importantly, she helped me discover the strength and self-confidence to decide on my next career move for myself, without the well-meaning but confusing advice of relatives, co-workers and friends. As I walk further along the road Sylvia helped me choose, my world is steadily becoming bright, sunshiny and happy again.
Jayne P., Norfolk, VA